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Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Let's Talk About Girls

Ooh a blast of nasty 60s psych rock brightens up any gloomy Tuesday- this one from Los Angeles' The Chocolate Watchband from fifty years ago this year is as good as any, with fuzz guitars and a snarl.

Let's Talk About Girls


C said...

You can't go wrong with The Chocolate Watchband, love 'em.

Simon said...

I was thinking about The Undertones and this song. Have you seen the entry for it on the Undertones website? Lovely stuff.


The Swede said...

Terrific - and thanks to Simon for that heartwarming link.

Swiss Adam said...

Yes thanks Simon, good stuff.

Anonymous said...

cheers for this.

Had the 'Tones cover over at my place a few weeks ago. Great to hear the origibal.