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Sunday, 15 January 2017


My posts seem to be getting briefer- maybe I'm running out of ways to talk about music and I don't seem to have any stories to tell either.

Kelly Lee Owens has released some really interesting music in recent years and is gearing up for an album. I first heard her as the voice on some of Daniel Avery's Drone Logic lp and the techno influences are evident in the songs here. There's also some wonky electronic pop going on and a whole load of disorientating echo and wobble.

This one came out two years ago, a tribute to Arthur Russell.

This ep, Oleic, is on Bandcamp, four slices of snare, synth, odd frequencies and voice.


Anonymous said...

Nowt wrong with that. It was only yesterday that I put up the shortest ever posting in the ten and a bit years I've been churning out nonsense. It isn't easy finding the right things to say on a daily basis - less can often mean much more.

drew said...

You and me both SA. But I never really did do the describing of the music too well anyway so with me it's probably for the best. Your posts are always eagerly awaited by me no matter the word count.

Walter said...

Same to me SA. I also don't find often too many words on my blog. But as long as we share music that is worth to talk about it doesn't depend on the sum of words. This both songs are great - never heard before and worth to investigate

Luca said...

By the way, "Oleic" is "Cielo" ("sky" in Italian) backwards.

Anonymous said...

Oleic acid was the only other reference I could find Luca.
Swiss Adam