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Saturday, 14 January 2017

Star Roving

A new song from Slowdive. Shoegaze for 2017 (which sounds like 1991 but somehow even moreso). Pedals for everyone. Head down, fringe flopping forward, strobe lights, scuzzy Converse, sonic cathedrals. This is a magnificent racket.


Anonymous said...

Shoegazing and the like, for the most part, passed me by and I've not much by Slowdive other than odds and sods downloaded from blogs over the years.

They've never really done all that much for me but this is good. Less muddy than I would have expected.

Echorich said...

Now THAT'S the way to get a New Year off and running! Brilliant!

Swiss Adam said...

My head was elsewhere in 1991 too JC. I've learned to love Slowdive since.

Brian said...

Adam, Didn't know this was coming. Thanks. You have had a hell of a string of posts in 2017!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Brian. It feels like I've been cobbling it together even more than usual tbh
Swiss Adam