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Friday, 20 January 2017

Out Of Body

Innersphere's Out Of Body is a 1995 ambient classic- over nine minutes long, a shuffling drumbeat, rippling pianos, squelchy bass, spine tingling stuff all told. It came out on Sabrettes with an Andrew Weatherall remix on the B-side. Weatherall's version is a less optimistic, more paranoid take. There's a high pitched noise that is there more or less all the way through, like a radio not tuned in right, the pianos have been spooked and three quarters of the way through the whole thing turns when a voice asks 'Can I come in please?'

Out Of Body (Andrew Weatherall Remix)


thewalker said...

A pretty rare scenario - in which I prefer the non-Weatherall version on a 12".


Swiss Adam said...

Not something that happens very often but you might be right

drew said...

I too prefer the original, so that's two for me with Fallen being the other.

thewalker said...

Two wise & tastefull heads agree! Phew.
Felt a bit blasphemous even typing it. :)