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Tuesday 30 May 2017

Any Frontier Any Hemisphere

Traditionally a British camping trip should combine sunburn with hours of pouring rain and this one delivered on both. Friday evening was gorgeous, the tail end of a day where the temperature gauge in my car read 30 degrees when I left work. Saturday afternoon was spent around and in a tarn on top of a hill near Water Yeat before at 3.30 pm the heavens opened and it rained all night. Sunday gave us sunshine and sunburn around Coniston Water followed by more rain of biblical proportions yesterday. But its definitely worth getting away from the world, going offline and spending evenings sitting round a fire drinking booze and talking bollocks with friends, especially so after the events of the past week. A dripping wet tent that needs to be dried out is a small price to pay for living outdoors for a few days.

Back in the music world I've been spinning this a few times recently and prompted by my friend Meany offer it for your delectation today, Horace Andy's cover version of The Clash's Straight To Hell. I've written about Straight To Hell recently, a Strummer song of immigration, refugees, suffering and dislocation. Horace recorded it many years ago but was never happy with the rhythm. A conversation with Eric Blowtorch led to the pair digging the track back out and fixing it (out now, 10% of all proceeds going to Doctors Without Borders and a Big Youth dub on the B-side). This is reggae roots style, Horace's vocal floating over the organ, bass and drums. Campfire music.


The Swede said...

'....going offline and spending evenings sitting round a fire drinking booze and talking bollocks with friends...' sounds absolute bliss. As does Horace.

drew said...

That works really well. Thanks for the heads up. Unfortunately can only see the vinyl available from the US and shipping takes it out of my budget.

As for going offline, three weeks on Saturday we will be off to Gurcon, no internet, tv and limited world service for two whole weeks. Cannae wait.

JC said...

Saw the photos on Facebook. They made me smile.

Thursday/Friday was warm, even for the likes of my brother all the way from Florida.

Pleased that the great outdoors offered some respite and therapy.