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Friday 26 May 2017

Little Flower

Now that the sun has appeared, suddenly and in a blaze of heat and light, this four track ep that Peaking lights put out back in February makes perfect sense. The lead song, Little Flower, has a spoken/chanted vocal by Chloe Sevigny and the music is pure psychedelic-dub- tropical- disco with the emphasis on upbeat repetition. The second track Conga Blue has a similar vibe with a heavily vocodered backing vocal. There's loads going on to lift the spirits.

Little Flower

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thewalker said...

That's rather lovely, particularly framed by that chugging bassline. On the fringe of Jah Wobble/Sabres territory there.

Another use of the same words, and very good too:
Soulwax Ft. Chloe Sevigny - Heaven Scent

Upon investigation it appears that, as well as releasing in their artists EP & album, these exist from an audio visual artpiece.