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Monday, 15 May 2017

Perfectly Lethal

I'm not sure The Replacements made a perfect album but they came pretty close with 1984's Let It Be (and in typical fashion the soul bearing and emotion of Answering Machine, Androgynous and Unsatisfied were undercut by thrashy instrumentals like Gary's Got A Boner and Tommy Gets His Tonsils Out and a Kiss cover). The strength of the album is also shown by the songs that didn't make it. Perfectly Lethal is driven by Bob Stinson's ragged guitar playing and the sense that they might be about to fall apart but are enjoying the ride.

Perfectly Lethal

They didn't always get it right on their albums with production and song choice. The version of Can't Hardly Wait they recorded for Tim but didn't include is vastly better than the one that came out with horns on it on Pleased To Meet Me. What rational band would record this song and then decide to leave it off an album. It's all part of what makes them one of my favourite bands.

Can't Hardly Wait (Tim Version)


Brian said...

Let It Be is the band's best moment, but I have a soft spot for Hootenanny too. Not nearly as good, I know, but that's where I came in, and it's a pure nostalgia fest for me. Thought Can't Hardly Wait on Pleased to Meet Me was great until I heard the Tim version. Can barely listen to the clean sounds and horns now.

Swiss Adam said...

I love Tim, some of their best songs are on it, but its got something missing from it too which I can never put my finger on.