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Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Brown Low

While visiting the Strawberry Studios exhibition at Stockport museum a while back I found a reference to a prehistoric site in the hills above Stockport. I don't know what the Venn diagram of people interested in Factory Records and people interested in prehistoric sites looks like but I like to imagine there are other people out there who can get excited about both. Yesterday, with Mrs Swiss a bit under the weather, I offered the kids an afternoon out- let it never be said I don't show my children a good time. We set out to find Mellor, a village in the hills near Marple, which has an iron age hill fort. Taking a slightly circuitous route (we went the wrong way, yes), including a detour into New Mills ('handy for the hills' as Nigel Blackwell remarked) we found the hill fort complete with a reconstructed iron age round house. Less than a mile north is Brown Low barrow (pictured above), an iron age burial site that involved a bit of a walk uphill through a field. From the top of the hills at both sites we got amazing views over Manchester, Cheshire and out to Liverpool (Liverpool cathedral just visible on the horizon though probably not in the shot below).

Back at the start of the year Little Barrie released a single called Love Or Love. This stunning piece of psyche-rock was the B-side.

(Nothing Will) Eliminate


drew said...

I like that tune. I saw Little Barrie once in the Wah Wah Hut and have bought a couple of things which I think I need to listen to again.

The Swede said...

Nice shots and a very enjoyable tune.

C said...

Love the photos, and love the guitar sound in that. I also love old settlements, the intrigue of ancient historical sites, etc. and imagine there are a fair few unusual intersections amongst us in the virtual Venn Diagram of Wide-Ranging Interests and Music. For example I know I definitely share a few with Chris Packham!

Swiss Adam said...

I saw Chris Packham's autobiography recently and loved the title 'Fingers in the sparkle jar'.

JC said...

This tune reminds me of something else that I can't quite put my finger on right now...and no doubt it will bug me the test of tonight.

Fabulous posting and great images too.