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Thursday 25 May 2017

Different Days

The Charlatans have a new album out tomorrow, Different Days. The single came out at the end of April, a chiming and clanging guitar led tune with some of the six string magic down to Johnny Marr.

The new album has all kind of special guests on it-Stephen Morris and Gillian Gilbert from New Order, Paul Weller, Anton Newcombe, Ian Rankin, ACR's Donald Johnson and Kurt Wagner among them. I hope it doesn't get weighed down by this multitude of guest stars. The previous album, Modern Nature, was a stunning record, full of songs shot through with sunshine and loss, a band writing their out of tragedy (the death of drummer Jon Brookes). The single above sounds like a Charlatans song to be played on sunny days from your car stereo or heard through open shop doors and windows. That's good enough for now.


The Swede said...

Really looking forward to the LP. The band played a very fine session for Lauren Laverne yesterday.

TheRobster said...

Can't wait to hear it. The single suggests something very different to the last one. Modern Nature took a little while to grow on me, but now it's one of my fave Charlatans records.

Echorich said...

SA - your concerns about the new album mirror my own. The single, though, does seem to bode well for its parent album. It is a strong song!

JC said...

Very impressive sounding song. Not listened to any of their more recent material but this is a promising sign for the new record.