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Wednesday 28 February 2018

Baby Honey

More 80s Creation for you- this one from The Pastels, a gloriously amateurish racket and a genuine indie classic. This is the 12" version from 1984, coupled on the A-side with Million Tears and Surprise Me. They re-recorded it for their 1987 album Up For A Bit With The Pastels but this one is better by far.

Baby Honey

Stephen Pastel runs Glasgow record shop Monorail. He was there when we shopped there at the International Bloggers Convention back in May last year. He doesn't look that different from the picture above despite there being about thirty years between the two.


drew said...

I think Stephen has a picture in the loft. I love the Pastels and always thought this should have been a single in it’s own right as should have Nothing To Be Done.

JC said...

"a gloriously amateurish racket and a genuine indie classic."

too fucking right.

Brian said...

Stephen! My hero!!