Unauthorised item in the bagging area

Saturday 17 February 2018


Tracey Thorn's new single Sister,  described by TT herself as 'an eight minute feminist groove anthem' with vocals from Corinne Bailey Rae and drums and bass from Stella and Jenny Lee from Warpaint, is out now. As the player below shows there are also two remixes from Andrew Weatherall, both long and spacey. The dub mix is particularly intense.

While we're here Tracey's vocal for Massive Attack's Protection is right up there. All the mixes and versions are among the best things Tracey and Massive Attack ever did. This version, the Eno mix, from the 12" single is nine minutes of ambience, warmth and protection.

Protection (The Eno Mix) 


Rol said...

Like the sound of that. I wouldn't mess with Tracy Thorn.

Echorich said...

This is what should happen when worlds collide. I understand the original recording of Sister is actually about 12 minutes in length and it took Ewan Pearson some work to convince Tracey it should be edited down to the 9 minute territory. Weatherall does the track proud with his two mixes!!

Swiss Adam said...

Hope I didn't steal your thunder by posting it Echorich- but I felt I had to share it too.

mike said...

is ist just me?
soundcloud gives me only 30 sec of the tracks for free.
to hear the full tracks i should pay for go+

Swiss Adam said...

Yeah, that's a bit annoying isn't it? I thought this was the full length versions when I posted them.You can buy the Weatherall remixes for a pound each at Juno.

JC said...