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Wednesday 21 February 2018

In Yer Face

In 2016 Bicep remixed 808 State's 1991 In Yer Face, taking the almost ambient two chord synth part and looping it (with that vocal sample slowed down). It gets busier in the second half, an updated version of '91, fine tuned for modern times with Bicep's trademark warmth. I can imagine it going down very well in the right places.

I'm not sure 808 State always get their dues when Manchester bands are ranked, rated and discussed. They made records that were as much part of the place as many of the more famous guitar bands and many of them have stood the test of time too. Here's the original version of In Yer Face from Ex:El.

In Yer Face

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Michael Doherty said...

Newbuild and 90 are utterly astounding, the former is an acid house classic the latter just a classic. With Gerald and the early stuff without him deserve much praise.The Extended Pleasure of Dance EP is pretty much perfect too in my opinion.