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Thursday, 8 February 2018

Oh My Darling Who Wants To Be Free?

Valentine's Day is approaching. In 1977 The Slits turned the punk boys club upside down a little and lyrically turned listeners upside down a lot. Love and Romance is about male possession of women and how relationships can lead to loss of freedom with some killer lines- 'I'm so glad that you belong to me, oh my darling who wants to be free?' and 'loves a feeling and so is stealing' among them. Not traditionally how song writers approached the subject of love.

Love And Romance (Peel Session)


Gram Lynch said...

Remember hearing that on the Peel Show and being all shook up. Great song.

C said...

As Gram says! And that edition of the NME!
The Slits gave us non-typical girls so much hope.

JC said...

wonderfully astute piece of writing SA.