Unauthorised item in the bagging area

Thursday 15 March 2018


This new track from Mr. Fingers, ahead of a new album this year, sets the heart racing a bit. He put an e.p. out at the end of 2016 called Outer Acid which I loved, especially the techno/sci fi track Qwazars. Electron is a lush riot of warm synth sounds, pulses and drum machines.


The Swede said...

If it weren't for the tapping beats, this could be mistaken for something off 'Phaedra' or 'Rubycon' by Tangerine Dream, both very popular albums in my house when I was a lad. I like it.

Swiss Adam said...

That's not a bad comparison Swede. I always feel I should know more Tangerine Dream than I do

The Swede said...

Those early Virgin releases are worth checking out. Also Edgar Froese'e solo albums from the period, 'Aqua' & 'Epsilon in Malaysian Pale' and Klaus Schulze's solo albums from the first half of the 1970s.