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Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Feed Me With Your Kiss

A very different part of 1988 today compared to Monday's Ofra Haza song and yesterday's 1987 early UK house music. This is the noise and melody and headspinning WTFness of My Bloody Valentine. Isn't Anything has many moments. The lead single off it, Feed Me With Your Kiss, is one of them. Feed Me... has a monstrous, pile-driving riff, cavernous rock drums and then that trick Shields developed of the male/female vocals seeming like they're from another song, just enough out of sync to make it sound very odd on first hearing. And on later hearings too. By the time they got to Loveless he'd more or less buried the vocals completely (most of which seem to be about sex, S&M sex or sex while on drugs), hiding the human voice underneath the layers of sound and distortion they cooked up in a endless sequence of recording studios in London. The eps that they released on Creation between 1988 and 1991 contain an embarrassment of riches, songs that anyone else operating in the guitar and noise area would have killed to have written and produced- Slow, Drive It All Over Me, Emptiness Inside, Glider, Don't Ask Why, Off Your Face, Swallow to name but seven.

Feed Me With Your Kiss 


Echorich said...

I'll take Isn't Anything as best MBV album every day. Loveless is an event in itself, but Isn't Anything lays it all out, as far as where thing were and where they were heading.

Michael Doherty said...

This is not related in any way to MBV but I immediately thought of you Adam when I heard this album. Have you ever done any posts on Edward Barton? You probably have! https://www.discogs.com/Various-Edward-Not-Edward/release/397443

Swiss Adam said...

I've done Its a Fine Day- both the Edward Barton and Opus III versions.

Swiss Adam said...

But not Edward Not Edward. Worth looking at.