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Tuesday, 20 March 2018


Following Inga Mauer's recent remixes of Daniel Avery (out now) and Curses (posted last week) I did some further investigation. Inga Mauer is, according to Avery, the best techno dj in the world right now. She comes from Syktyvkar in Russia so she's topical too, with our current news about nerve agents, false flags and diplomat expulsions. In 2016 she put out a 12" called From Cologne To Clone with this hypnotic track, Metadose, on it, which is very good indeed.

I found an ep from last year, four tracks released on Shtum as Shtum 012. It's dark and intense but not claustrophobic. It also sounds like those classic 90s techno records but modern and futuristic too.

My Flights Without You

I am very taken with this set she did for Boiler Room in St Petersburg. I don't know much about the Russian techno scene- in fact as we've established recently I don't know much about the UK techno scene either- but this is a masterclass in tension and release, rise and fall and the metronomic beat. The fact that she does the first twenty-odd minutes dressed as a Wookie is even more impressive.


drew said...

That is very good stuff, echoes of Transmission by DoV in the first track

Adam Turner said...

Yeah it reminded me of DiV too.
Swiss Adam