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Thursday, 22 March 2018

Staring At The Sun

A new Wooden Shjips album comes out in May. They released a new single back in January. Sometimes they've left me a little underwhelmed and Ripley's other band Moon Duo have given far more but the new song- Staring At The Sun- is a beauty.

Possibly the most laid back song I've ever heard. Ripley's guitar drips out of the speakers, over a narcoleptic beat and stoned vocal. There are some crunching chords intermittently but not enough to tip it off balance. Staring At The Sun drifts on, beautifully, but without ever losing focus for over seven minutes. No real aim, just being.


The Swede said...

Like you, I've been far more focused on Moon Duo for the past few years, but this is great.

Walter said...

Agree to the words of The Swede and I really enjoyed what I've heared

drew said...

Yeah, that is great stuff. It has echoes of Buffalo Springfield to me.

Swiss Adam said...

That's what I keep hearing too- same chord change.