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Monday, 5 March 2018

Mickey Foote

Mickey Foote has died. Mickey was The Clash's live soundman and the man who produced The Clash's debut album. The raw ferocity of Mick Jones' guitars and Joe's guttersnipe vocals, the mad dash through Janie Jones and I'm So Bored With The USA, the snarl and bite of What's My Name, the thumping Career Opporitnities and the trash reggae of Police And Thieves, all owe something to Mickey. Amusingly Mickey was sacked as producer by Strummer, despite being a friend since the 101ers days, for the punk crime of speeding up the 7" mix of Clash City Rockers (because studio trickery like varispeed was just not authentic, maaan). He also produced the brilliant Ambition by Subway Sect. In recent years Mickey was back in the press for being one of the faces of a campaign against Donald Trump and his decision to despoil the Aberdeenshire coastline with a golf course.

RIP Mickey Foote.



The Swede said...

Strummer was still grumbling about about the speeding up of 'CCR' onstage four years later. He mentioned it the last time I saw The Clash with Mick. Rest easy Mickey.

Swiss Adam said...

Wasn't one to let things go was he?
For what it's worth Clash City Rockers is one of my less favourite Clash songs.

JC said...

RIP Mickey.

Incidentally, this was the channel of comms through which I learned this sad news.

Brian did the same over at my place earlier tonight with the sudden death of the ex-drummer of Veronica Falls; to paraphrase him,reading about the death of someone you admire and respect via a well written tribute is a more satisfying way than any other. Very fine words SA.

Swiss Adam said...

Thank you JC.