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Monday 9 April 2018

Be Careful Out There

Back to work today after two weeks off. Not ideal. Two weeks is long enough to get out of the habit and really not want to get back into the routine.

I saw a day or two ago that Steven Bochco had died. He was the man behind loads of US TV series. The one that meant the most to me was Hill Street Blues which I got into around 1986 or 87, watching it on Channel 4 on a big box style TV, bought second hand, in my bedroom. Genuinely groundbreaking TV, with a big ensemble cast, a gritty realism to its story lines and a documentary feel in the way it was filmed, it weaved dozens of stories and narratives, nearly overloading the viewer. By the time I started watching it it was well into its run, having started in 1981, but I didn't get the feeling that it had mellowed or gone off the boil. I've never been a big fan of cop shows either but Hill Street made a massive impression.

Hill Street Blues also had a very good and very recognisable theme tune written by Mike Post, who was responsible for many TV theme tunes and had already written a classic with The Rockford Files. The opening piano chords are wonderful and then the dramatic descending part before the piano kicks in again (watch out for that guitar solo from Larry Carlton though in this full length version, it can be a bit too much for some tastes). I have this on 7" in a very battered sleeve. Now I need to watch Hill Street Blues again, starting right at the beginning I suppose.

Theme From Hill Street Blues


Unknown said...

A great theme tune from one of the best ever cop shows - mellow but memorable.

londonlee said...

What a great show that was. Bochco pretty much invented the kind of tv drama series we have now

George said...

We have just finished watching the entire dvd box set of Hill Street Blues. Absolutely tremendous series. And way way better than Smallville, which we are currently watching (on series 6 at the moment)

Rol said...

I loved HSB, but for me, Bocho's finest hour was its follow-up, NYPD Blue. The character arc of Andy Sipowicz (HSB's Denis Franz) from degenerate, sexist, racist alcoholic cop to respectable, honourable precinct captain over the course of that show's run was simply unmatched by anything else I've seen on TV.

Hill Street had the best tune though.

Swiss Adam said...

I struggled to keep up with NYPD Blue- it always seemed to get moved around times and channels.

Rol said...

Yeah, I seem to remember I had to wait years to watch the last 3 series and then they ran them 5 nights a week when More4 started up. It was worth the wait though.