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Tuesday 3 April 2018

Obfuscation For The Nation

In a similar lyrical vein to Russ Litten's spoken word work with Steve Cobby (posted yesterday) come Leicester's Echolocation, back for another round, grappling with the truth. The vocals tackle (as Cobby and Litten did yesterday but more opaquely) life in Brexit Britain and the impact of Trump with songs like Post Truth and Alt-Facts but also offer a more surreal and impressionistic version of the 21st century (see Day Of The Dads and Death Threats). On previous albums the sound was more democratic with a variety of instruments and a widescreen, soundscape approach. On Obfuscation For The Nation the guitars are centre stage, riffs and distortion to the fore, riding on top of driving drums and bass, with synths and keys adding texture. They recently performed with Damo Suzuki as his band when he played Leicester- Suzuki uses local groups as 'sound carriers' when he plays live. 'Can you read between the lines?' Echolocation ask, 'Do you know your own mind? Can you make up your own mind? Stay on topic!' Worth considering I say. Buy it here.

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