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Sunday, 1 April 2018

Can I Draw Your Picture?

                                                       Portrait of Space, Lee Miller, 1937

Back in 2009 Andrew Weatherall remixed Can I Colour In Your Hair? by Lark and apart from appearing on Soundcloud it has been unreleased ever since. The remix is a rocking dub version, bouncing rhythms and echo, a wiry guitar part and repeated chants of 'fire!' It operates in the same space as the pair of remixes Weatherall did of Steve Mason's Boys Outside at around the same time. Top quality stuff. At some point in the next few months it will be released on 7" vinyl by Care In The Community Recordings and it is definitely a case of better late than never.


Walter said...

Great stuff!

The Swede said...


Anonymous said...

Write something like: "You're not fooling me with this made up Weatherall name..."

Adam Turner said...

I am in a bar in Liverpool listening to Weatherall playing rockabilly, soul, funk and garage. It is all pretty good.