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Sunday 22 April 2018

I Don't Give A Fuck About Your War... Or Your President

I was channel surfing the other night and discovered the Sy Fy channel, somewhere I don't think I'd been before. I became distracted by Escape From New York, already about 45 minutes in, but the combination of John Carpenter's synth score and Snake Plissken's mission to find the President in Manhattan, a walled in maximum security prison in the year 1997,  kept me from switching over for a while. Escape From New York is always a joy. It occurred to me that if real life had intervened Snake would have been rescuing Bill Clinton.

It put me in mind of this 2014 release by Maurice and Charles, a chunky, moody, acid funk track peppered with dialogue from the film along with some very Byrne-Eno guitar riffs and rhythms.

I, Carpenter


jules said...

Aw bollocks
Couldn't remember where the statue of liberty head quote in cloverfield was from.
thought it was planet of the apes
good track though


drew said...

Love this track, the whole ep is ace. I'm sure I bought it after you posted something from it before

Swiss Adam said...

I posted this back in 2014 and the lead track (Sofa Love).