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Monday 30 April 2018

The Overview Effect

Historically Tross were the camp followers of German mercenary regiments of the 16th century, mainly women, wives and children, who carried baggage, laboured, brought the supplies to the soldiers and performed various support roles. From Tross we get the word dross.

Tross is the name of a band signed to Gothenburg's Hoga Nord Rekords, home to many interesting artists and records. Tross's new album, The Overview Effect, is no exception. Album opener Synthesis sets the tone, an instrumental inspired by the West German groups of the 1970s. From there on in over the course of ten tracks they delve deeper, exploring dance rhythms and spaced out guitars, always light on their feet and looking forward.

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The Swede said...

Just listened to the whole album off the back of this one track. It definitely has its moments.