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Thursday 12 April 2018

I Got Some John Coltrane On The Stereo Baby, Make It Feel Alright

In which our guide and house dj Mr Weatherall plays some songs in a field at a festival somewhere outside Milan last summer. Over the course of this 50 minute film he makes it all look very effortless indeed and makes spinning a nine minute mid-80s psyche-rock epic from The Dream Syndicate followed by Moon Duo and then AMOR look like the best way, in fact the only way, to move a crowd of youthful and well-lit Italians. Avanti!


The Swede said...

The three artists you've named make checking out this mix a complete no-brainer for me. Really looking forward to it.

Adam Turner said...

I thought it would be up your street Swede. Apparently it's a section of a longer performance which may be on Mixcloud.

drew said...

Brilliant, not heard the Dream Syndicate in years. If dropped by anybody other than The Guvnor I would have been more than a little surprised, well maybe JD Twitch but other than that

Anonymous said...

Who is this bloke ? Don't recognise him.

Swiss Adam said...

Extended version here


The Swede said...

Thanks SA. Been searching for a track listing this evening. Could you let me know if you manage to find one?

Adam Turner said...

Will do. In the Mixcloud version there's an amazing digital reggae track I need to find the name of.

Rob said...

Any way to DL the mixcloud set? (Asking for a self)

mike said...

quick try:
01 karl hector & the malcouns - kingdom of d’mr

02 m’bamina - kilowi-kilowi
asik emrah - bu ellerden göcüp

04 orieles - sugar tastes like salt (weatherall live bass)
05 gerry 6 the holograms - increased resistance

06 fujiya & mirage - extended dance mix

07 the dream syndicate - john coltrane stereo blues

08 poncho brothers - danza oscuro

09 ? 0:44:30
moon duo - sevens

11 amor - paradise

12 scientist - step it up (black star linerrmx)

13 ? 1:13:25
winston edwards & blackbeard - airport smuggling

15 mugwump - at the dub front (mugwump extended dub version)
la logia sarabande - todos o ninguno

17 ? 1:36:00

18 klaus dinger & japandorf - udon

19 a. weatherall - evidence the enemy

The Swede said...

You're a star Mike- thank you!