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Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Moves Like You

Another record Factory couldn't sell to put alongside Marcel King's Reach For Love was Cath Carroll's album England Made Me and its pretty wondrous single Moves Like You. Both came out in 1991 by which point Factory had at least accepted promotional activity might help some artists but apart from New Order, Electronic and Happy Mondays nothing else really sold in anything like the quantities needed to keep the wolf from the door. In typical Factory fashion they threw huge amounts of money at Cath Carroll too- Wilson loved her- and the album was recorded partly in Sheffield, partly in Sao Paulo, partly in Chicago and partly in London. With Steve Albini at the controls and with a Robert Mapplethorpe portrait on the cover. Some people blamed the album for Factory's demise but the problems ran far deeper this record.

Moves Like You is a brilliant song- starting out with some very 1991 bleeps and then a massive electronic bassline, before Cath's vocal comes in. There's a great housey piano part and the whole thing is very effortless and light on its feet. This is what St Etienne would have sounded like if they'd been based in Didsbury not Camden. But it didn't sell. This version is from the 12", remixed by Martin Phillips.

Moves Like You (12" Version Remix)


drew said...

I've never heard that before, I don't think. It is very good, very 91 as you say.

Michael Doherty said...

God I love this version. I remember it being on the Select Magazine Factory tape. Great tape, really with dogging out.

Michael Doherty said...

worth digging out. My phone is very annoying.

Swiss Adam said...

I posted the Select tape version a couple of years ago Michael.

Echorich said...

That Select Factory Tape version is my favorite!