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Tuesday 21 August 2018

Running For Cover

I heard St Etienne's You're In A Bad Way on the radio recently and was reminded what a good song it is, a perfect early 90s version of 60s pop. I've always loved the way Sarah coos the line 'don't you know that crew cuts and trainers are out again?' to the subject of her affections, someone who has let himself go but who should give her a call. I'm not sure this video has aged very well....

Funnily You're In A Bad Way was initially meant to be a B-side but Heavenly insisted on its release as a single. The song that was to be the A-side was Everlasting, a much more house influenced song with a chunky early 90s drum track and bassline, Pete, Bob and Sarah taking their cues from Chicago and Detroit as much as 60s London. The synths sound very like Bernard Sumner's from the same time in Electronic. Everlasting was then unreleased until the deluxe edition of So Tough in 2009. It shows the strength and depth of songs the group had at the time that they could shelve Everlasting and leave it in the vaults.

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Echorich said...

I feel like Saint Etienne have made a number of odd choices for singles over the years. The idea of relegating You're In A Bad Way to B-side would have been criminal.
Whenever I attempt to create a Saint Etienne playlist, I seem to lean towards the pop and pick and choose from the more House influenced material. Their Words And Music By album is the album that I feel they married their two side the best.