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Friday, 10 August 2018

Repo Man

I've had three different Iggy Pop encounters in the last week- the recent Teatime Dub Encounters ep with Underworld was the first, followed by watching a documentary I'd taped before going on holiday, the film American Valhalla, which records the making of the Post Pop Depression album with Josh Homme and subsequent tour. Then somebody, somewhere, posted a clip from the 1984 film Repo Man.

I'd already been writing an Iggy Pop solo Imaginary Compilation Album for JC at The Vinyl Villain (it's only being written in my head at the moment but may make it to type at some point along with the almost finished Primal Scream ICA, a 2nd Factory Records one to go with the one JC wrote and a Spacemen 3 one which is still very sketchy). An Iggy Pop solo ICA is confusing. In many ways you'd just decide to cherry pick five songs from The Idiot and five from Lust For Life and be done with it but it seems remiss to not include songs from his wider back catalogue, not least one from Post Pop Depression. I'm working on it.

Repo Man is great little film, an Alex Cox punk rock/science fiction adventure starring Harry Dean Stanton and Emilio Estevez. The soundtrack is wall to wall US 80s punk- The Circle Jerks, Suicidal Tendencies, Black Flag et al and the title track from Iggy. Iggy was in a bad way in 1984 (and looking back he had a pretty poor 80s musically). Alex Cox asked Iggy to do the title track and Iggy put together a punk band at short notice, comprising ex-Sex Pistol Steve Jones and Blondie's rhythm section. The engineer claims that Iggy and the band threw the song together in the studio 20 minutes before recording it, did two takes and then Iggy said 'Well, I think that's good enough unless someone has a problem with it'. Repo Man is two minutes of hard riffing with a decent Iggy vocal and some stream-of-consciousness stuff about living in Los Angeles, better by far than much of what he put out in the 80s. Functional 1980s L.A. punk rock maybe but good enough unless anyone has a problem with it.

Repo Man


The Beard said...

Finish those ICAs!

Swiss Adam said...

I'm trying.

Brian said...

As much as I love Iggy, I almost like the instrumental version as the movie opener even better. The soundtrack is my second favorite of all time behind That Summer. Great post.

Echorich said...

I feel like a "very sketchy" Spacemen 3 ICA would be exactly the way to approach it!

Walter said...

I think it is almost impossible to reduce Iggy to only one ICA. Probably I will do part 2. Anyway, great ideas for ICA's. Looking forward to them.