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Wednesday, 26 August 2020

Corner Of My Sky

Kelly Lee Owens new album is imminent (Inner Song, out on Friday). This song, a deep, drifting and droning piece of electronic music with a vocal from John Cale came out recently ahead of it. The buzzing bassline and synth strings coupled with Cale's rich voice, particularly when he sings 'the rain, the rain, thank God the rain', make for an intense and emotional ride. Both Kelly and John have spoken of the need to reconnect with their Welsh roots and in the lyrics Cale tells the story of the land, through song, poetry and the spoken word.

Kelly's debut album came out in 2017, one of my favourites of that year. Last year she collaborated with Jon Hopkins on Luminous Spaces, a seven minute piece of brilliance. Covid delayed the release of Inner Song but its timing now at the end of summer seems perfect.


Nick L said...

Nice tune. Where's the standing stone, is it on Anglesey?

Swiss Adam said...

Yep, near Holyhead, just by the A55.

Steve said...

She's a very soulful lady

Khayem said...

This is wonderful, I've added the album to my order list.