Unauthorised item in the bagging area

Friday 28 August 2020


Out today from Woodleigh Research Facility, the latest monthly emission from Andrew Weatherall and Nina Walsh. As there have been every month since January, when Andrew was still very much with us, there are three songs here available from the usual digital outfitters.

Where Nobody Else is superb science fiction ambient techno, Nina's disembodied voice over the top, like a strange tannoy announcement, 'it's time to go', over and over.

Lottie's Theme starts with a child's voice and then drums, metallic sounds and industrial noise, seven minutes of insistent rhythms and sounds before the child, presumably Lottie, returns at the end.

Downhill was on a WRF mix a few years ago and it's exciting that it's finally getting a proper release. WRF pound out more of their spooked, throbbing sounds as a vehicle for the voice and poetry of Joe Duggan. Over a marching beat and repeating bass wobble Joe describes the walk from his house to the pub 'from where I live, it's downhill all the way'. More rhythm, more space and more echo and Joe's Derry tones, 'Has anyone seen Joe? Where'd he go?'


drew said...

All of these releases have been great but I just wish it was a physical product

Swiss Adam said...

Agreed- would have been an expensive monthly habit but worth it.

drew said...

12” single ? Less than the price of three pints, which I realise is not a comparison many of us can use anymore

Swiss Adam said...

Yeah I guess. £15 a single plus postage x 12 would work out at, er, about £200 for the whole set by the end of December.

Unknown said...

Superb work.Joes in Dunloes by the way.So he is.

drew said...

when you put it like that