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Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Enjoy This Trip (And It Is A Trip)

Surely one of the greatest singles ever made, S Express (Mark Moore)'s Theme From S Express introduced acid house and sampling to a mass audience in 1988- it was number 1 in the UK for two weeks. Borrowing liberally from Rose Royce's Is it Love You're After?, it is dance music heaven.

Kind of ridiculously, I love the 'lyrics'

'Enjoy this trip
Enjoy this trip
And it is a trip
And it is a trip

(Countdown is progressing)
Uno, dos, tres, quatro

S Express
S Express

I got the hots for you

Chop me off, chop me off, chop me off (this bit always sounded more explicit to me)Jump on that ghetto blast off (or is it Drop that ghettoblaster? I can never quite make it out)Come on now slip it to the music, now scoot (Not wholly sure about this bit either)Oh, that's bad
No, that's good'

If one of pop culture's sacred wordsmiths had written these, they'd be held up for all to see. As it is they're vocal samples that sum up the joy of the record, the scene, the dancing. But they sound pretty profound to me. I'm not joking.

Edit; the Karen Finley record Tales of Taboo that part of the vocal is sampled from makes it abundantly clear that it is not 'Chop me off' but 'Suck me off'.

Theme From S Express.mp3


Tom W said...

Bet you didn't know that the DROP THAT GHETTO BLASTER sample was taken from an artist best known for shoving yams up her ass.

swiss adam said...

? Tell me more Tom...

Tom W said...

Karen Finley on Wikipedia:
which oddly doesn't mention the yams. But this does:

I remember hating that S-Express song when I was 14. I didn't like Black Box the following year, either. More fool the morose indie kid.