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Saturday, 18 December 2010

I've Got Your Picture

If we, for the moment anyway, stay away from the more serious, more edgy, more boundary breaking end of the post-punk diaspora, we can have this song which reached number 3 in the UK chart, and was successful in the US, Australia and Japan as well. The Vapours' 1980 single Turning Japanese has more than a hint of novelty about it, may or may not be about the joys of masturbation, and may be slightly dubious in race relations terms but is still lots of new wave fun. I have played this when djing and seen men and women of a certain age go nuts to it, either pogoing or doing that jerky kicking-alternate-legs and waggling elbows dance. More bizarrely still The Vapours were discovered and managed by Paul Weller's dad John Weller. It's a little difficult to imagine the very serious young man Paul getting much enjoyment out of this.

14 Turning Japanese.wma


Ctelblog said...

Great pop song, whether or not its about onanism. But does sound worryingly dubious otherwise these days.

dickvandyke said...

I liked The Vapors a great deal and properly discovered them when they supported The Jam.
The b side of Turning Japanese features a storming live 'Here Comes The Judge'. And 'News At Ten' remains one of my fave singles ever.

Dirk said...

I never really managed to 'fully' like 'Turning Japanese', there is something in it which kind of disturbs me. 'Spring Collection' though is one of the very finest songs ever written!

dickvandyke said...

Know exactly what you mean Dirk.