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Friday, 3 December 2010

One Man Band

Dennis Hopper Choppers are a one man band from London. Ben Nicholls plays sitting down while singing, playing guitar, bass drum, hi-hat,vox organ and bass pedals. His album Chop-LP came out in 2007 with this song Little Johnny as the opening song, a mixture of shuffling 50s rhythms, rockabilly and country, Link Wray and Dick Dale, 60s rock (see the song Listening To The MC5), bassy surf guitar and a dash of menace. It's good stuff.

01 Little Johnny.wma


Mondo said...

Big fan of DHC - I caught him in action at Rough Trade East 3 years ago - stunning stuff. Do wish he'd crack on with a new album though.

drew said...

Love this SA, have been meaning to get the album for some time. Just checked on Amazon, some one selling a copy for 75p!

swiss adam said...

75p! Bargain