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Friday, 3 December 2010

Very Cosmic

How about some krautrock? Oh don't groan you lot.

In 1974 Michael Rother (from Neu!) joined with Moebius and Roedelius (both from Cluster) to make the Musik Von Harmonia album. This track (song isn't really the right word) is Dino, lovely swathes of sound and melody with rhythm driving it on. The album also contains tracks called Sehr Kosmisch and Hausmusik- both of it's time and ahead of time. I've got a feeling the last time I played this in full the even numbered tracks were good and odd numbered tracks less interesting, but I could be imagining it.

There's something about all this snow and ice which seems quite teutonic. If you're interested BBC 4's excellent krautrock documentary is repeated tonight at 10.30. Worth staying up for.

04 Dino.wma


Mr A.N. said...

Just finished watching the program, put this album on, checked your blog and bingo! Synchronicity. Have also been in a teutonic mood recently. Don't think you can top hero by neu! Plus, How nuts are those blokes from Faust?

Ctelblog said...

If I can't groan, I'm not going to comment.

drew said...

Tried to stay awake for the documentary but the combination of Havana Club and Crabbies Ginger Beer knocked me out, only to be awoken by heartburn from hell around 2 am!

swiss adam said...

@ Ctel-Somehow I knew you wouldn't like it
@ Mr A.N.- them 2 Fausters are surely the most bohemian men in the world. Or Germany anyway.
@ drew heatburn and falling asleep in front of the telly sounds like Friday night at our age