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Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Hot Milk

I've been trying to counteract this sub-zero, arctic weather we've been getting with songs of warmth. It's not working. It was minus five in the car at teatime yesterday. Lord only knows what it gets to in the middle of the night. It snows. It freezes. It goes foggy. It freezes. Repeat to fade.

This blast of funky, organ led reggae is from Jackie Mittoo, who could get sounds out of his keys like no-one else. If you're driving to work hunched up, shoulders up to your ears, with ice on the inside of the windscreen, and more layers and cold weatherwear than a Premiership footballer, and this song comes on, it might make you feel a little better if not actually any warmer.

Various Artists_13_Hot Milk.mp3


stevoid said...

A temendous selection,the Jackie Mittoo 'King of Studio One' collection that came out on Soul Jazz in the 90s has to be one of my most listened to CDs ever.

If I'm ever searching for musical inspiration I will always dig it out.A gem.

stevoid said...

*tremendous,even.must lay off the mulled wine a bit.

swiss adam said...

Yep, that Soul Jazz comp got hammered round here as well.

bossman said...

I feel for you fellas this time of year while I'm sitting here enjoying the sun.....that compliation is extremely good, always gets a listen round ours.