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Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Guest Post- Cafe Bars, Idiots And Pigeons

Yo. It's my Birthday. I am 8. I do not like this this song, well it's alright. My dad made me put it on, well he just said tough to me when I suggested lots of other songs.* My Dad's a music snob. But there are too many cafe bars, idiots and pigeons in this town.

By Eliza T.

* Swiss Adam writes- For the record I wasn't going to post Cheryl Cole, Black Eyed Peas, Alexandra Burke or Katy Perry. I would've posted Eliza Doolittle but I didn't have the song. Eliza T. used to love Half Man Half Biscuit before she became cool. Mrs Swiss says she still does, but won't admit it.

This song is a cracker, by the way, and includes the line about 'I'm off to see The Bootleg Beatles, as the bootleg Mark Chapman'.


davyh said...

I think Eliza T. should have a regular guest spot ; )

swiss adam said...

Don't encourage her. It took 40 minutes of negotiation to get this one written.

drew said...

I agree about the idiots and pigeons.

Happy birthday Eliza T

acidted said...


U r wrong on pigeons BTW