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Wednesday, 29 June 2011

If A Fish Would Keep His Mouth Shut He'd Never Get Caught

Heart Of The Congos by The Congos, from the year two sevens clashed, is one of the great vocal reggae albums, with predictably great Lee Perry production. I can't believe I've never posted anything from it. This is Fisherman Style, where The Congos are aided by U Roy, who chats all over Fisherman, showing some sympathy with the fish. This was done for a re-versioning project for Blood And Fire in 2006 where a variety of past and present reggae artists had a go at doing something new to the source track. Frankly, I'm not sure why anyone thinks they could improve on the original but this is pretty good. But this will probably send me in only one direction...

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Dirk said...

Yes, a might album and in my humble opinion 'Children Crying' is the best track on it ... perhaps you provide us with it one of these days as well?