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Thursday, 9 June 2011

Weatherall Mix Roundup

I've found a variety of Andrew Weatherall mixes, three recent and one old, which may be of interest to some of you.

Numero Uno- Andrew Weatherall live at Disco Deviant, April 2011, 'two hours of pitched down Balearic psyche disco'. Slightly confusing, it was available to download but only the first 500 and that depended on people following it or something. Idon't think you can download it now but it's there to listen to.

Deux- Weatherall live at the Electron festival in Geneva, 21st of April 2011. This one you can download.

Drei- Lord Sabre live at The Hacienda back in 1993, also there to download in all it's glory. I believe I was there. Or at one very similar.

Four- the wonderful Exile On Moan Street blog, Mona's mix of politics and music, had this one to download back in May which I missed somehow. Audrey live in Lille at Wonky Tonk, 9th of April 2011.

Happy listening.


ANCB said...


Go there, copy and paste the soundcloud link, press the button and 10 secs later you have it as a downloadable 128 mp3...

swiss adam said...

Nice work. Ta.