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Sunday, 5 June 2011

Somewhere, Over The Rainbow

Some new music. I'm really enjoying the Cults album but the DMCA go for postings with the fangs out so I'll steer well clear I think. This is pretty good though- Rainbow Arabia. Rainbow Arabia are from L.A. and released an album called Boys And Diamonds earlier this year, which is enjoyable, fresh (ish), electronic and dancey. According to their wiki page they 'perform a brand of dance music that contains elements of Arabic, North African and Asian fused with American avant-garde dance pop', which admittedly sounds awful, but give 'em a chance eh? And I do like his hat and cardigan combination.

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drew said...

The Cults album is on here constantly as well. Someone said that it is just a pale imitation of Best Coast but I think that it is a far superior sound. I think that it will be my album of the summer. Had tx to see them last week in Glasgow which I was really looking forward to but they postponed which was a right pisser.