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Thursday, 30 June 2011

Redskin Rock

Furthermore, here's The Redskins, funked up leftwing punks, who wanted to 'walk like The Clash, talk like The Supremes' with their single Unionize. This was released on their own label CNT, which as everyone surely knows is the name of the anarcho syndicalist union who helped prop up The Popular Front government in Spain in the 1930s (despite being anarcho syndicalists, and therefore being against government and believing that the workers should rule themselves for their own benefit) and who armed the workers in the defence of Spanish cities against Franco's military fascist coup.

Sorry to be a history bore. The music's worth it.


Anonymous said...

Following BB with t'Redskins would have guaranteed an inter-Leftie scrap back in t'day.

swiss adam said...

Them were the days.