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Saturday, 18 June 2011

I'm Sending All Of My Regrets To You

Grant Hart, ex-drummer, co-singer and songwriter in 80s indie-punk heroes Husker Du, has had a fits-and-starts solo career. His debut solo album, Intolerance, was a cracker, a mix of 60s garage and 80s punk. His 90s band Nova Mob produced a couple of albums of serviceable indie rock, one being released on the day Rough Trade folded, pretty much scuppering the lp's chance of success. More recently he put out Hot Wax, which led with a blistering single- You're the Reflection Of The Moon On The Water- which I posted over a year ago. He's got a new one out, Oeuvrerevue, a collection of oddities and odds and sods, which I haven't heard yet. Grant lost all his possessions and equipment in a housefire in March, which must be grim.

This is My Regrets, the closing song from Hot Wax, an end of the night kind of song, with scuzzy guitars, organ, clattering drums and massed backing vocals. In the wrong hands this would become a huge chestbeating, stadium/festival anthem. In Grant's hands it's a fuzzy, outsider, underdog anthem. Very good indeed.

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