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Monday, 13 June 2011

Woo Life

So it turns out that there's this Manchester band called Wu Lyf who are causing a load of fuss (I'm too old to know about cutting edge bands on my own doorstep, I only found about them because they were in the Guardian. Now that is middle aged), and there may be four of them in the band but there's more of them connected to the band doing other stuff, and there's a photo from last year of about ten of them with bandannas on standing in a load of smoke with their fists in the air except in the photo here they just look like four young blokes from Bury, and they're releasing their own album now-ish on their own label and they don't want to be part of the music industry, and they have good looking, clever videos (with archive footage of zeppelins and people during The Cold War and tribes of people crawling around islands) and a bewildering website with lots of crosses, and they're pretty dismissive of past Manchester bands like The Roses and the Mondays (which is only right I suppose, new bands should be dismissive of bands from twenty years ago), and they take their shirts of when they play live, and the NME love them and so do loads of the bloggers, except some people say they're being hyped and 'all this fuss, what about the tunes?', and they're all image and playing with the media to get attention (which is what all good bands do isnt it?), and Wu Lyf stands for World Unite Lucifer Foundation and might be pronounced Woo Life and they make me feel really old but at the same time when I listen to their songs I think 'actually this is really good, it's got church organ and rasping vocals and busy drums and keyboards and really good guitars and sounds quite euphoric but nervy at the same time, and am I supposed to like this, isn't it for the kids?' Might get the album I reckon. See what you think.

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