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Thursday, 18 August 2011

Blank Expression

As a part two to the Amy Winehouse ska covers e.p. Lily Allen did a similar thing releasing a Two Tone inspired single (on vinyl obviously). The A-side was a cover of The Specials debut Gangsters (recorded with Terry Hall and Lynval Golding) and this was the B-side, a cover of Blank Expression. It's a corker.

I didn't expect when I started Bagging Area that Lily Allen would get three posts. Equally, when checking the statistics for the blog I've long been puzzled why the Lily Allen and Mick Jones cover of Straight To Hell is the most visited, most read post here, many thousand ahead of the next most read post. Then I realised it's probably because of the picture I used. Amazing what a bit of cheek will do isn't it?


Dirk said...

Absolutely: the picture is really cool indeed .... the hat Mick wears in particular!!

Will have a listen to both the tunes when I get home from work this afternoon .... just hope 'Straight To Hell' is still available for download.

swiss adam said...

It's not Dirk I'm afraid. I'll try to get around to putting it back up.