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Sunday, 28 August 2011

Walking Through the Suburbs, We're Not Exactly Lovers

Yesterday's trip hop heroes Portishead remix Massive Attack's Karmacoma, also from 1994, turning it all spacey and spooky. Or even more spacier and spookier. Portishead also stick a great big phased Hendrix style guitar solo in the middle, for no particular reason other than it sounds good. I suppose it explains why they called the remix Portishead Experience. It's a very good example of the art of the remix.

The lyrical refrain goes 'karmacoma, Jamaica aroma', misheard for years round our way as 'karmacoma, d'you make her in Roma? Duh.


Tom Wu said...

There's a link to the Lily Allen Specials cover here as well, isn't there? Doesn't this include the "walk in the bar and immediately I sense danger" line?

Just out here mapping your subconscious for you.

davyh said...

'Overcome' is the one for me - boy, I have literally dreamt it, so powerful*

*I may have had cheese before bedtime.

swiss adam said...

Not sure you want to be mapping my subconscious Tom. Good spot though.