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Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Dad's In The Navy So Use A Granny Knot

Liverpool's Shack have had an up-and-down kind of existence with albums being raved over by the critics but largely ignored by the record buying public. At one point in the 90s the NME called Michael Head 'Britain's greatest living songwriter' or something similar. Some of their albums have a kind of mythical status (Waterpistol for one). This song is from 2006's The Corner Of Miles And Gil lp, and as a single peaked at number 114 in the charts. It's a brilliant little song, lovely melody, sweetly sung, wonderful horns and catchy as anything. About bondage.


Art Dept. said...

love them, Meant To Be is one of my favourite songs, and Reinstated.

Anonymous said...

never heard an average song from shack
totally underated
have a look at this short film
apart from the liverpool FC references its brilliant
with a great story about the runcorn bridge


Simon said...

Love them. Comedy from HMS Fable is my top track, but this is great.