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Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Get A Move On

Mr Scruff is a modern day Manchester legend. Stand in a record shop with an M postcode the morning after one of his djing nights and hear middle aged men with beards and trainers cooing over obscure 80s funk B-sides that they don't know the name of, blowing their cheeks out appreciatively (and enviously). His 1999 album Keep It Unreal is a treasure trove of low key funkiness. Get A Move On starts with some ragtime jazz and when the drums comes in gets very funky indeed. Nice vocal sample too. Mr Scruff also has a very nice tea shop, highly recommended if you're ever in the Northern Quarter. As is this song.


drew said...

Great mugs. Another highlight of Latitude was Mr Scruff's Tea stall, right beside our tent, amazing tunes

Anonymous said...

Great album. Great tea and mugs.