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Thursday, 25 August 2011

Second Hand

I've been listening to the first volume of the Cafe Del Mar series recently, the compilations that dubiously invented 'chill'. I don't like the concept or genre of 'chill'. And it became an adman's wet dream. But Cafe Del Mar Volume 1 is really good, with Sabres of Paradise, Penguin Cafe Orchestra, A Man Called Adam, Leftfield, Underworld and others. The only other Cafe Del Mar comp I got was volume 2, then I abandoned the series in a fit of anti-chill, anti-populist pique. My loss probably. Tucked away on the third side of vinyl (or track 8 on the cd) is Second Hand by Underworld. Second Hand is a re-working of a track from Dark And Long. It is still long (9 minutes plus), pretty dark, but subtle and very hypnotic, head music and dance music, all minimal squiggles and ticks and swooshes. Then the drums come in at around the half way point and we're off...

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drew said...

I stopped at the second one as well but a mate is still buying them I think that they have overtaken the Now! albums and are at volume 1001 (don't know the Spanish).