Unauthorised item in the bagging area

Saturday, 13 August 2011


Hello? Anyone there?

What are you lot like? I leave the country for two weeks and there's full scale civil insurrection. Not that we heard anything about it in the middle of rural France until things were several days old. This photo apparently shows Manchester city centre. Jesus. I've read that after destroying Salford Precinct and the Arndale Centre heavy rain kept people off the streets the following night. Typical Manchester. I'm still playing catch up with all of this.

France was chuffing great since you're asking. Beautiful landscape, lovely towns and villages, fantastic weather, friendly people, cheap wine, lakes, swimming pools, no medical disasters with I.T., ... wish we'd never had to come home.

This is a very chilled out dub version of White Riot by Dub Antenna, from the shatter the Hotel dub reggae tribute to The Clash which many people liked when I posted Don Lett's cover of London Calling several months back.


Anonymous said...

Welcome back. Wanna TV or trainers going cheap?

Been none too funny in London. Police everywhere near me Tuesday. Shops shut and boarded. Some local rioting/looting. But thankfully nothing too serious.

swiss adam said...

Didn't think it looked very funny tbh. on the other hand, what trainers have you got?

drew said...

One the other hand we couldn't even be arsed to riot.

Welcome back. Are your teeth and tongue purple?

swiss adam said...

Purple. And getting purpler (we brought a load of cheap stuff back with us)

drew said...

it's the law - you have to bring back as much as you can physically cram into the car or that your wallet will allow.

I love the BIBs and cubies, 5 litres in a bag for about 12 euros magic.