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Saturday, 27 August 2011

I Brought 'Em All

..or something very like that, goes the sample at the start of this- Portishead's own remix of their defining moment Sour Times. The vocal sample and scratching gave Sour Times a hip-hop makeover for the B-side of the 12", from 1994. Good stuff from seventeen (!) years ago.

Camping in Sherwood Forest, no sign of Robin.

Thursday- sunny.
Friday- rained all day.
Saturday- sunny.

Didn't quite manage to empty the five litre plastic barrel of red we brought back from France either, despite mine and H's best efforts. Still, a good but soggy time had by all.


drew said...

Glad to see you back in one piece. I must admit to being rather impressed with your camping SA, for me it's worse than getting thw stupid o'clock flight to Luton and that is sheer torture!

swiss adam said...

Camping worse than Luton?! Surely some mistake.

Anonymous said...

camping's for when you're a kid.

swiss adam said...

We had kids with us.

h said...

.... but we left them in the forest.