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Saturday, 28 April 2012

Acid Brass And (Man Ray)

One more Man Ray portrait, this time of poet and celebrity fascist Ezra Pound, looking as cool as a cucumber while contemplating a move to Italy and the policies of Mussolini. Possibly. To be fair, Ezra did say he regretted his pro-fascist words and actions later in life. Spending several weeks locked in a cage by US forces at the end of World War Two didn't help his mental state either.

Some unrelated dance music (or dance music inspired music) from Jeremy Deller's acid brass album from ages ago. Here the Williams Fairey Brass Band tackle techno classic Strings Of Life, Derrick May's Rhythim Is Rhythim masterpiece.

Strings Of Life


davyh said...

Did Ezra Pound go on to be in Mumford & Sons?

Mr A.N. said...

thanks for this. Funnily enough I've been having a bit of a Bill Drummond week,and also recently saw some great Jeremy Dellar pics at the V&A and have been meaning to dig a little deeper. Perfect synchronicty.

Swiss Adam said...

Might improve Mumford & Sons to have a fascist poet in their ranks