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Saturday, 14 April 2012

Liquid Swords

I don't post much hip-hop (I'm sure I've typed that line every time I've posted some hip-hop). 1995 was around the time I drifted away from hip-hop and to be honest I never really got into the whole Wu Tang thing. This track was a good 'un though, from GZA's 1995 solo album Liquid Swords. This starts with a spooky sample from a Japanese horror film and then moves seamlessly into very funky hip-hop track, Wu Tang's RZA on production, and GZA's superb, ahem, flow. Just typing that makes me feel like a middle aged white man.

Liquid Swords

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anto said...

a gem this one. that whole album is, as you suggest, probably the last great hip hop album. check out azellia (sp?) banks for something new. filthy. even the Wu didn't use the C-word